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Name of 33 Crore Gods of Hindu

Hello, readers today we will discuss the very important topic. I think everyone talks about this “33 crore Devi  Devtas of Hindu ” so let’s start with bless of 33 crore gods of hindu.

Every time when we read Vedas there is a mention about the 33 Koti but we need to understand the meaning of it. In Buddhism also there are texts called 7 koti of Buddha which does not mean there are 7 crores buddha it means & supreme Buddha. We are taking wrong meaning of Koti.

Koti means “Type” it is not a numerical word and it is also defined as “Supreme” or we can say crore. There are 33 devas which live inside the human body. as there are so many people so there will be as many devas. The term “33 koti” is mention in every Veda.

According to Brhadaranyaka Upanishad,  there was a man name Yajnavalkya asked Brahma how many gods are there? Brahma politely answers him there are three hundred and three thousand three gods so he gets confused and asked again Brahma again answer him thirty-three. Again he gets confused so he asked him again and Brahma replied by saying six again got confused so at last Brahma answer there is only one god. as we know there is only one divine energy from which we all come.

So now we will discuss name of 33 crore hindu gods 33 Devas and their name. so the 33 types of gods are divided into following like

8 Vasu

11 Rudra

12 Aditya

1 Prajapati

1 Indra
8 Vasu: These are the elements which are surrounded by us they are as follows Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Moon, Sun, and Star.

11 Rudras they are the followers of Lord Shiva or can Rudra Shiva there are eleven Rudra out of 33 children of  Sage Kashyapa and his wife Aditi. Their name are

1 Nirriti











12. Aditya: The twelve months of a year called Aditya

1 Prajapati also knows as “yajna” as it benefits the human or mankind by the purification of purification of air, water, rain and vegetables and because it aids the development of various arts, and in it, the honor is accorded to the learned and the wise.

1 Indra also knows as electricity or we can say the energy, as it is productive of great force.

So when this 11 Rudra leave our body the body become dead, as all these are coming from the only one energy call Shiva. So I think today all of you get cleared about 33 crore Devata name and the meaning of  33 crore gods of hindu.


Who came First Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva?


According to the Purans and Geeta it say’s that who created whom. Bhagwat Geeta states that Shiva is appeared from Glabella mean’s from the space between two eyebrows of Brahma.Where as Vishnu Puran say’s Shiva originated from the eyebrows of Vishnu. Vishnu originated when Shiva rubbed some nectar on his ankle, according to Shiva Puran It’s very confusing who originate from who but one thing we came into know that it is going in a circle and in a circle, any point can be taken as a starting point As per Vedas and puran three Dev with three Qualities or gunas.


To maintain some thing balance and preserve will needed something is created. If there is nothing created, then there will be no preservation and if there be no preservation there will be nothing to destroy. so when Brahma create something then there will be Vishnu and Shiva to maintain or to destroy. so according to this Brahma is a creator so Vishnu and Shiva is created by him only. So we can say Brahma came first.

As per first point to create something, we need to maintain the environment as per the creation. If we need to make Art we need to maintain the environment and to preserve material for the creation. Otherwise colour will get dry the paper will dull the brush should be in good condition otherwise it’s not helpful to create a masterpiece. So we can say in the creation, we need preservation, so to create Brahma, Vishnu have to come first to maintain balance. If Vishnu comes first into the existence, then itself becomes a creation, therefore there is another question Who came first Vishnu or Brahma?

As per first and second point when something is created it means some energy source changed his form. Because you need something to create something. So destruction come first ,then the creation and when there is destruction there is nothing to protect or maintain balance. So Shiva was there before the creation of Brahma and Vishnu, but when Shiva is there it mean there is a creation and preserve it Vishnu is there hence we do not come to the conclusion who came first ? after getting all this there is one thing which is called a contradiction. It means, according to the first point Brahma came, some of them say Vishnu came first as per second paragraph as Shiva is the energy so some of them say Shiva came first so energy will form into some creation. While getting all this conclusion the fact is that these all three are depending on one another and cannot exist independently. and these three are called energy which cannot be created never existed or never destroy and we cannot define exactly who came first. So Shiva came to existence when need to destroy to create something Vishnu came as Brahma is creating so maintain the balance and Brahma came into the existence to create so that destruction and maintaining balance can follow the chain so it is a circle of energy. So friends i thick you understood who came first brahma vishnu or shiva. and who is first brahma vishnu or shiva

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Who was the first avatar of Vishnu? Do you know about it?

When we talk about Krishna ,Rama we say they are an avatar of Vishnu, and yes they are but we don’t know about each avatar of Vishnu. so the reader of Planetofgrace today we will talk about the avatar of Vishnu and try to understand them. who is the first avatar of lord Vishnu

As avatar is a Sanskrit word which means “decent” and refers to the appearance or the incarnation of deity on earth.as there is a another destination for avatar in simple language which means that the god will take avatar means a formation where there is a need as the work complete they go but again they born in an another avatar. This called avatar energy is same but the body formation is  different.chronologically which was the first avatar of lord Vishnu

Vishnu has many forms or avatar .the first one is Matsya Avatar.

Matsya Avatar

In the beginning of the world the first avatar taken by Vishnu is a matsya avatar in this he becomes a fish. There was a king’s name Manu one day he was taking bath in the lake, he was praying to god and meanwhile. he took some water in his hand pouring to Lord Vishnu to mark the beginning of his prayer. He was about to pour the water into the river, he listen some voice from his hand, Manu gets surprised and listening to the tiny fish squirming. The fish looked at manu and said. please don’t put me the river there are so many bigger fish they will eat me. Manu who is a king, his motto is to help, protect and give help who needs its so he decided to take him with himself. He put that fish in a Kamandal and left the fish inside the kamandal as he will be safe in the kamandal. He woke up in the morning and hearing some voice like king please help me. i am not able to take a breath inside the kamandal help, help me. When the manu saw the fish he was shocked and started thinking how it can be possible and he remove the fish from the Kamandal and put into a big vessel and left for the day, after coming to his palace, he saw the fish again it get bigger and this time it was not able take breath in the vessel so he decided to take him to the river, second day he visited to the river and saw a huge fish which is not able to swim in that water. Manu told the fish that he is taking him to the ocean as the ocean is big and he can swim easily. Manu took him to the ocean and ask him how it is possible as he was already surprised by his large size in short day as now he is too huge.

Suddenly there was a flash of light at the second moment he saw Narayana and he bowed Naryana. Narayana said to him you want to see me and here’s I am, as it was Manu desired to see Narayana in his life which get fulfilled Naryana was smiling and manu eyes were full of tears. Manu asked Narayana now what do you want me to do now? manu standing over there as Narayana is half fish and half Narayana.

Narayana said to manu this yug is going to end in seven days, so there will be a great flood will come which perish all the living being , Plant on the earth so I want you to build a huge ship take the seeds of all the plants , the male and female of every animal, and the seven sages along with their families (Saptrishi and their families). Narayana has tears while saying this too manu and told him not to forget Vasuki, the God of the snake after saying this all the fish went to the other side of the ocean.

Manu started building ships and collecting all the seed and all the animal. while on the other side of the ocean fish saw the Hayagriva guard of the Vedas. Seeing the huge fish coming towards him, he become terrified. However no sooner than he had thought this, the fish attacked Hayagriva . Fish was so huge that the single push of fish sent asura to reeling. Both were fighting with each other after a long fight the asura cannot win and get defeated by fish. Once the asura was dead the fish took the Vedas and went back to Lord Brahma, who was still asleep and given to him and came back to the ocean again.

Soon there was heavy rain started as Manu already build the ship he took all the things and all the living being with seven sapt-rishi. The water level was increasing because of heavy rain. the flooding was near to come, and they started their journey as they believe Lord Vishnu will take care of them,as manu promised to take Vasuki with him. Soon fish come and said manu to use vasuki as a rope and tie with my horn with the ship, the fish takes ship into the under water as they were very fast again come to the surface huge storm is going on .After the storm gets stopped and everything washed away . the fish take the ship to the Himavan Mountain to start a new Yug. The fish which we are talking is the MATSYA AVATAR of Lord Vishnu, this was the first avatar of Vishnu hence there are many others also which we will discuss in the next article. So friend somehow we are clear that who was the first avatar of Vishnu.

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How many Navratri in a year? Do you know

Hello friend’s in the last blog. I explained you about Navratri and why do we celebrate Navratri. One of my reader asked me a question about Navratri and why we celebrate in September difference between both Navratri, so friends lets come to the topic First there is not only two Navratri there is five types of Navratri.

As we Indian celebrated Navratri. We know about two of them one which come in vasnt ritu which is called Chitra Navratri  and other one in Ashwini Moth of September -October. But there are other also

1st The Navratri come in the month of Vasant as per hindu calender Or can say in month of march-April. Depend on PANCHANG or TITHI  which is know as Chaitra Navratri and is one of the two most recognized Navratri in a year, Basically this Chaitra Navratri is because Goddess Durga defeat Mahisahsura in a battle.  this is also a start of a new year in mythological lunar calendar as per Hindu calendar vikram samwat

2nd. Gupt Navratri: The name itself explain you what it is about as  Gupt navaratri is secret Navratri, where everything is performed secretly and whorshiping durga very privately.This Navratri falls in Hindu month-Ashadha so it is known as  Ashadha or Shakambhari Navratri. Ashadha Navratri come in Shukla paksh or waxing face of the moon.Mostly this Navratri celebrate in northern region of india, mostly this Navratri is worshiped by tantric and Brahmin who want energy from devi for their black magic.

3rd. Sharana Navratri: Maha Navratri is the second most celebrating Navratri in the month of Ashwin or September or October as per Hindu calender. It is also known as Sharadeeya Navratri and falls in September-October i.e. during Sharad. As during this Navratri Ram had battle with Ravana and so he also worshiped durga and Ram win the battle and on the 10th day it is called Dussehra

4th. Poushya Navratri: This Navratri come between the month of December and January. As per lunar calendar, it is poushya moth so called poushya Navratri . The Shukla Paksha of Poushya initiates this Navratri.

5th. Magha Navratri :This Navratri come between the month of January and February. As per lunar calendar it comes on sukla paksh of magha mahina or magha month the waxing face of the moon. This is also one type of gupt Navratri as not every one knows about it. Mostly sadhua and TANTRIC are doing this Navratri for black magic or any other purpose.

So friend today I explained you about types of navratri come in a year and about it.Friends there are 5navratri in a year so next if anyone ask give the answer.


What is Navratri ? Why do we celebrate it?

Navratri is not only a festival but it is about defeat on demon by god.when we talk about Navratri we should know about it and what is the story behind this festival.durga 1

Navratri means nine day but do you know complete story about it. Devi have nine faces or say nine characters each character have its energy and a story. Navratri is a Sanskrit word which derives from nine nights ( nau raat).

How it start? There was a king name mahishasura, demon he was worshiping lord Shiva for many years, at last impress from his worship Shiva asked him what do you want tell me your desires. he asked for immortality and not to fear from death. It is not possible because its againt the nature principal so it not possible to grant him immortality.Then he played with his tricks in his mind and request him That I not die at the hands of men. May I not die at the hands of my foes means the Deva’s. May I not die at the hands the state of being three Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva. Hence Shiva had give power of eternity.As you know when ever a demon got a power they never use it in a good way they just misuse it and start troubling others. This time also same thing but as he was so much powerful. He started killing innocent people and Brahman’s and destroying there MATT (Place where Brahman do Yagya and Havana). His aim was to win all the Three Lok. After getting harassed by mahishasura devta’s of dev lok went to Shiva ,to find a way to get rid of the demon and to protect the world from the atrocities of mahishasura,Shiva cannot do anything in this because mahishasura get the power from Shiva and he knew that women cannot kill him because women’s are not powerful. So trinity of Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu united their power and created a energy, know as goddess Durga.

when he saw Durga the energy and powerful divine beauty of Durga, got fascinated.He knew that women cannot kill him as he got the power from Shiva and women’s are not power full compare to him so he asked Durga to marry him. The goddess Durga agreed to marry him , but there was a twist she put a condition that mahishasura have to win over her in battle. mahishasura, proudly he accepted the condition.


Then there was battle of nine days and night, at the end of ninth day mahishasura got killed by her and tenth day called vijayadashmi means 10th day she win over demon. so we are celebrating navaratri. We impress Goddess Durga in this nine day with our worship and we pray to remove negativity from our life and bless us. And want remove the demon which is our body. Hence she also be called Mahishasura Mardini.


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Who is great Shiva or Brahma?

Shiva knows as Devo k Dev Mahadev, but do you know why? and Brahma the creator of the planet and nature is not superior than Shiva. We don’t know the exact reason so I had decided to find the answer and so what I get is. Why Shiva is greater than Brahma. Who is Bhairov? And where is kalalmochan?


One time all the Devta went to Sumera Mountain to meet Brahmaji. they were asking him about indestructible matter, as Brahmaji unaware from Shiva illusion and indestructible matter. He explains to devtas by saying that , I am only who created all of you and earth, nature,unborn, i am only the god ,suprem being spirit.

While all this Vishnu who was present told Brahma ji that you are wrong, you are only the creator of this universe and nature. By disrespecting me you are making yourself great. Like this there was a difference between Brahma and Vishnu started and they want to correct them self so they started a counter question with each other, After they decided to ask the questions from the Vedas. All the answers are end up with Shiva, Shankar and Shiv. This answer was given by Vishnu ji.

Answer given by Vishnu

While going all this conversation between Vishnu and Brahma. A source of energy or can say light come up there between them, which was endless and Shiva come over there and Brahma explain the matter to him after hearing all this Shiva become angry and from Shiva there was another form of him called Bhairav, revealed there and back cut 5th head of Brahma,Vishnu and Brahma understand and stop fighting and counter conversation with each other. Brahma accepted that he is not superior than shiva as his pride and coxcombry is removed from his body and his mind. Other hand Bhairav was feeling guilty, because he cut down the head of Brahma so he decided to go Kashi, for discharge himself from guiltiness to cut down the head of Brahma.

When Bhairav reach Kasi, CHIMTA which was in his hand got fallen down and KAPAL on earth and take a bath in the Ganga, form that day kasi is also known as KAPALMOCHAN. From that time people started to bury the body and take the ashes to Kasi for the discharge of the spirit and mukti of their family member.

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Who is GOD?

Who is God?

When ever we listen the word “GOD” we get blank. Because no one have perfect answer of this question as there are so many answer, but to whom we accept we don’t know and we get more confused. In Hinduism  Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva is god. In Islam Allah is god, Buddha in Buddhism, Jesus in Christianity. Numbers of Religion numbers of god but still not get the answer. we follow the religion which we are from and follow the god  or can say we follow them, because our parents are following them and they are following because there parents are following. So there is a chain which is continuously coming from past to present and will get forwarded to our children. On the other side there is a religion called Jainism they don’t believe in god, as we believe like god created us and created nature.They believe god as perfect being.

As per Hinduism in Bhagwat gita Bhagwan shree Krishna is himself saying. He is the source of all the god and being in chapter 10 verse 8. “Aham sarvasya prabhavo mattah sarvam pravartate iti matva bhajante mam budha bhava-samanvitah”  (Mai vasudev hi sampurn jagat ki utpati ka karan hu aur mujhse hi sab jagat chesta karta hai , isprakar samajhkar sradha aur bhakti se yukt budhiman bhaktjan mujh parmeswar ko hi nirantar bhajte hai) He is the source of all beings & gods. Not even that, as per Lord Krishna, all these universes & creations spring from but a spark of His splendor only. As per Him, He is seated in the hearts of all living entities. He Himself is Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva & Lord Brahma. He Himself is Sun, Moon, Wind & Fire.As per him his opulence is is limitless or can say boundless

Vishnu galaxy 

So the man or the power who created this whole world is a god or any one else still i don’t get the perfect answer but till now what i understood is this but still i am on the way to find the perfect answer if you have the perfect answer or any let me know