Who was the first avatar of Vishnu? Do you know about it?

When we talk about Krishna ,Rama we say they are an avatar of Vishnu, and yes they are but we don’t know about each avatar of Vishnu. so the reader of Planetofgrace today we will talk about the avatar of Vishnu and try to understand them. who is the first avatar of lord¬†Vishnu

As avatar is a Sanskrit word which means “decent” and refers to the appearance or the incarnation of deity on earth.as there is a another destination for avatar in simple language which means that the god will take avatar means a formation where there is a need as the work complete they go but again they born in an another avatar. This called avatar energy is same but the body formation is ¬†different.chronologically which was the first avatar of lord Vishnu

Vishnu has many forms or avatar .the first one is Matsya Avatar.

Matsya Avatar

In the beginning of the world the first avatar taken by Vishnu is a matsya avatar in this he becomes a fish. There was a king’s name Manu one day he was taking bath in the lake, he was praying to god and meanwhile. he took some water in his hand pouring to Lord Vishnu to mark the beginning of his prayer. He was about to pour the water into the river, he listen some voice from his hand, Manu gets surprised and listening to the tiny fish squirming. The fish looked at manu and said. please don’t put me the river there are so many bigger fish they will eat me. Manu who is a king, his motto is to help, protect and give help who needs its so he decided to take him with himself. He put that fish in a Kamandal and left the fish inside the kamandal as he will be safe in the kamandal. He woke up in the morning and hearing some voice like king please help me. i am not able to take a breath inside the kamandal help, help me. When the manu saw the fish he was shocked and started thinking how it can be possible and he remove the fish from the Kamandal and put into a big vessel and left for the day, after coming to his palace, he saw the fish again it get bigger and this time it was not able take breath in the vessel so he decided to take him to the river, second day he visited to the river and saw a huge fish which is not able to swim in that water. Manu told the fish that he is taking him to the ocean as the ocean is big and he can swim easily. Manu took him to the ocean and ask him how it is possible as he was already surprised by his large size in short day as now he is too huge.

Suddenly there was a flash of light at the second moment he saw Narayana and he bowed Naryana. Narayana said to him you want to see me and here’s I am, as it was Manu desired to see Narayana in his life which get fulfilled Naryana was smiling and manu eyes were full of tears. Manu asked Narayana now what do you want me to do now? manu standing over there as Narayana is half fish and half Narayana.

Narayana said to manu this yug is going to end in seven days, so there will be a great flood will come which perish all the living being , Plant on the earth so I want you to build a huge ship take the seeds of all the plants , the male and female of every animal, and the seven sages along with their families (Saptrishi and their families). Narayana has tears while saying this too manu and told him not to forget Vasuki, the God of the snake after saying this all the fish went to the other side of the ocean.

Manu started building ships and collecting all the seed and all the animal. while on the other side of the ocean fish saw the Hayagriva guard of the Vedas. Seeing the huge fish coming towards him, he become terrified. However no sooner than he had thought this, the fish attacked Hayagriva . Fish was so huge that the single push of fish sent asura to reeling. Both were fighting with each other after a long fight the asura cannot win and get defeated by fish. Once the asura was dead the fish took the Vedas and went back to Lord Brahma, who was still asleep and given to him and came back to the ocean again.

Soon there was heavy rain started as Manu already build the ship he took all the things and all the living being with seven sapt-rishi. The water level was increasing because of heavy rain. the flooding was near to come, and they started their journey as they believe Lord Vishnu will take care of them,as manu promised to take Vasuki with him. Soon fish come and said manu to use vasuki as a rope and tie with my horn with the ship, the fish takes ship into the under water as they were very fast again come to the surface huge storm is going on .After the storm gets stopped and everything washed away . the fish take the ship to the Himavan Mountain to start a new Yug. The fish which we are talking is the MATSYA AVATAR of Lord Vishnu, this was the first avatar of Vishnu hence there are many others also which we will discuss in the next article. So friend somehow we are clear that who was the first avatar of Vishnu.

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